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AlterVista doesn't force any advertising content on your site's pages. If you want you can use our services without paying a cent. But there's more!

Get paid with AlterVista Banners

Sign in your Control Panel and open the Earn section. You can choose between different banner formats with different revenues. Copy the code and paste it in your site or web application and you are done!

Your revenues will be updated daily and you can request a payment when you reach the payout threshold. Payments will be done with Paypal.

AlterVista Banners revenue model

Our banners revenue is on a pay-per-view basis, but randomly also pay-per-click banners are displayed. All details about the revenues are available on the control panel.

AlterVista with AdSense

If you prefer to use Google AdSense because you know it and you want to increase your revenue you can connect your AdSense account to AlterVista. This way you can additionally place this kind of banners. You don't have to choose between AlterVista Banner and AlterVista with AdSense because you can use them both on all your pages.

Again all details are on the control panel.

Other advertising is not allowed

We're sorry but you are allowed to put on your site only AlterVista Banner and AlterVista with AdSense banners. Any other advertising is forbidden, even the standard Google AdSense.