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Can I change my registration name?

No, you cannot change your registration name. But you can sign up again with the new name and delete the old account :-)

If you have registered an AlterSite you can purchase a domain (example.com) as an alias for your site.

I lost my password

You can get a new password using our recovery procedure. Both username and e-mail address can be used in the form to get a new password.

I registered a new account, but I can't see my website

The activation of all services can require a couple of hours.

Some times your internet provider can require additional time to update his DNS servers, so even if the website is already online you can't see it.

Anyway the problem will resolve by itself in a few hours.

I can't see my website, but a few hours ago I could. Why?

If you haven't done any change to your site then it's probably a network problem. In this case please check out this dedicated support forum thread.


Sometime the problem could by caused by scheduled maintenance or some other problem. Check the dedicated support forum board for a notice.

I can't find my site on my favorite search engine

Search engines require some days (or even weeks) to add your site to them indexes and there is nothing to do to make it faster. But there is something you can do to make the search engine aware of your newly created site and to optimize the indexing process.

I want to delete my website

Oh, if there is something we can do for you, if you have a request or if you didn't understand something please let us now on our support forum. We try to do our best to make anything to work fine, and with your feedback we will faster get aware of issues.

If you still want to delete your account To please follow this procedure.

Can I open a commercial web site?

Sure you can, but it will be mandatory to add our ad banner to your site. Look at point 6 of our Terms Of Service.

I want to write an e-mail to a webmaster, how can I do?

There is a dedicated form.

My site has been archived, how can I bring it back online?

Abandoned web sites will be archived after a while (Point 10 of our Terms Of Service) and you will be notices about it. Archived accounts can be automatically deleted and the username can be reassigned to another user.

Getting it back online you have to:

  • sign in to your control panel
  • Click on the reactivation link in the main page or in the file manager page
  • Go to the backup page in the control panel
  • Restore your site using the last backup

The backup is available for 15 days after the site achievement, then it will be deleted and there will be no way to get it back.

How can I connect to my mySQL database?

Look at the dedicated wiki page

How can I connect via FTP to my site?

Look at the dedicated wiki page