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Second level domains

The second level domain can be purchased through a payment, PayPal and credit card accepted.

Discontinued and only renewable services:

  • Simple registration - domain parking
  • DNS management registration, domain forwarding email forwarding

Please note: Registration of a domain does not mean creating a new web space, ONLY in the case of upgrading the web space, the associated virtual host will be activated.

Web Space Upgrade

The first domain registered it involves the upgrade of the AlterVista web space into virtual host: to directly dispense content from a second level domain.

You can upgrade your web space to Virtual Host from your Control Panel or the voice Domains int he WordPress Dashboard.

You can upgrade one web space for each account, even in case of previous registrations.

Redirect - Domain forwarding

The domain forwarding service (redirect) allows you to define one or more redirects to parts of your site hosted on AlterVista, and to domains outside the community, such as creating a similar configuration like: -> -> ->

If you want your website to be reachable via '' , you can choose to:

Whois Privacy

You can set whois privacy and hiding your personal registration data from whois services, according to the ways and arrangements of each Domain Name Authority.


It is possible to transfer the domain from Altervista to other operators, it will be sufficient to request request Altervista for the domain release authorization codes: go to the Control Panel section "redirect", Domain Management and follow the instructions.

FAQ Second level domains

Go to the FAQ Second Level Domain Name.