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Thanks to an easy read chart you'll be daily updated about the traffic of your website. Accurate statistics show you up: number of visitors and page views. You can also have the average weekly and monthly report by clicking on the button next to the graph.

In the second part of the Statistics page there are recaps concerning weeks and the months, current and past year, and it's possible to compare different periods of time (year over year, month over month). There is also a table with details of visits day by day, and a second table with the comparison month over month.

Statistics are available for websites and blogs hosted on Altervista, you can find stats page on the control panel, when you're logged in.

PLEASE NOTE: statistics of websites and blogs are not used to determine the earnings from ads, the earnings depend on the effective view on the advertisements (each advertisement can have specific rules).

Statistics for Hosted Websites

Statistics for hosted websites count, using logs from machines that provide the website, all access made to the website, which include bots, crawlers of search engines and / or portals, crawlers, social networks and users: even those who do not run JavaScript. They appear only in Altervista control panel and are complete even the traffic of applications used on the website. Not available for the Blog.

Statistics for Blogs

Statistics for Blog count, thanks to an Analytics code, all accesses by actual visitors to your Blog. There are no counted bots, crawlers or visitors that are not running Javascript. They appear only in the Wordpress dashboard of the blog hosted on Altervista.