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How do I register a domain?

To register and then manage your domains, sign in to the control panel by entering your user name and password. Once logged in, select "Resources" and click on "Add Domain" (or "Manage Domains" if you have already registered a domain). From the Blog Dashboard, when available, access the Domains section.

You can only activate the domain by purchasing it by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer or Postepay rechargeable card.

I want my site to be accessible from www.mysite.com, what kind of registration should I choose?

What you need is the upgrade of the virtual host or the domain forwarding (redirect) if you already have an active domain with the upgrade of the web space. You can upgrade a single domain web space.

I have purchased a second level domain, but the option I choose does not please me how can I do it?

You can add services by paying the difference between the chosen option and the other and actually purchase the upgrade.

I purchased a domain from AlterVista, but I did not receive FTP access data, where are the FTP access data?

Domain registration does not involve the creation of a new web space or virtual server. Therefore, FTP access will only be possible with the data you already had. In the case of blogs, you must activate FTP accounts from the Dashboard -> Tools -> FTP.

I purchased a domain from AlterVista, but I see on the web a welcome page and not the homepage of my AlterVista account, how do I fix it?

The Simple Domain Registration includes the display of a Non-Modifiable Welcome Page that attests to the registration of the domain. You have to go to one of the following options (Upgrade Web Space or Redirect), in each case you will be required to pay the difference in Euro.

How many domains can I have?

There is no limit to the number of domains you can associate at your account. Only one domain will be the upgrade of your web space to the virtual host.

I can modify the second level domain registration data and the admin mail?

Yes, you can modify the data directly from the domain management panel (Resources -> Manage Domains or Dashboard -> Domains).

Can I transfer a domain from AlterVista to another operator?

Yes, it is possible to transfer the domain from AlterVista to other operators, you need to request AlterVista for the domain release authorization codes and set the new domain.

Can I transfer a domain from another operator to AlterVista?

No, it is not currently possible to transfer second-level domains from other operators to AlterVista. The transfert of .com, .net, .org, .info, .biz domains is only possible 60 days after the registration as requested by the ICANN authority.

Can I delete a second level domain I purchased and registered?

No, however, you can not renew the domain, so it will be deleted at its expiration date and again made available to others for registration.

Can I change the name of the domain I purchased?

You cannot change the domain name, but you can register the new name and let the old domain expire.

Posso acquistare un dominio di secondo livello con il bonus di iscrizione ad AlterVista?

Puoi decidere di registrare il dominio con PayPal e quindi carta di credito o carta postepay o bonifico bancario.

Can I buy a second level domain with the AlterVista membership bonus?

You can decide to register the domain with PayPal and then credit card or postepay card or bank transfer.