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This instructions are only for AlterSite accounts and don't apply to AlterBlog, AlterForum or AlterGallery accounts.

Database activation

Before you can use it you have to activate you database. Just sign in to your control panel, follow the Resources & Upgrades link, switch to the Database tab and follow the instructions.

The free activation has a query per hour limit.

Database connection settings

Use this settings to properly configure your PHP application:

  • Database name: my_yourname
  • Host: localhost (optional)
  • Username: yourname (optional)
  • Password: password (optional)

You can choose to set the host, username and password fields, but there are not really required because the system will ignore them, but some applications require them.

Anyway not setting the three optional parameters is a good choice because this way the password will not be stored on your space and can not be stolen by malware that infect your site using some security hole of your application.

The fact that no password is required does not mean that your database is not protected. Access is granted only to scripts running on your personal webspace.

How to manage your database

You can manage your database using the phpMyAdmin tool we provide. You can find it under the Tools menu in your control panel.

Connection to external mySQL databases

It's not possible to connect to an external mySQL database from a PHP script running on your AlterVista web space.

Connection to the database with third party applications

You can connect to your database with any application you install on your web space, but you cannot use any external software.

Database size

On AlterVista files and database tables share the same web space so, if you need, the database can fill all the available web space.