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This instructions are only for AlterSite accounts and don't apply to AlterBlog, AlterForum or AlterGallery accounts.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a network protocol used to trasfer files from one computer to another one.

What is FTP used for

Using the control panel's file manager to transfer a lot of file from your computer to your web site is an annoying task because you can to load just a few file a time, you cannot load an entire folder, the upload speed is limited and there is file size limit.

All this limitations can be overcome using FTP. You have only to properly configure an FTP client to connect to your Altervista web space and uploads will work almost automatically.

FTP Clients

An FTP client is an application which runs on your PC and which connects to an FTP server to upload and download file and folders.

There is a big selection of such clients, the most used is FileZilla. You can find a comparison table for a lot of FTP clients on Wikipedia.

FTP connection settings

This are the settings for your client.

  • Host: ftp.yourname.altervista.org
  • Port: 21
  • User name: yourname
  • Password: password (the same you use to sign in to the control panel)
  • Mode: usually passive (sometimes called PASV), if it doesn't work try the active mode (PORT)
  • Encryption: none or explicit TLS

Trouble with FTP

If you cannot with FTP check if your firewall setting is blocking your client and check that your network settings or your internet provider is not blocking this kind of service.