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Altervista and his ad providers join and support the TCF framework, developed by IAB to centralize the consent acquisition and management with regard to the processing of users personal data for ads distribution.

In order to have the ads from Altervista and Altervista with Google Adsense circuit provided, a CMP compatible with the TCFv2 IAB framework will be required on the page from Monday 5th of October 2020. Without it no banner ads will be displayed and no gains earned.

Altervista provides the chance to create a Privacy and Cookie Policy for free with Iubenda, that includes a compatible TCF banner on the page.

Do I have to make changes on my site?

If you are using the Altervista WordPress version you don't have to either insert any code, nor activate any plugin. Just check whether your Privacy and Cookie Policy is active in Settings.

If you already have inserted codes from Iubenda on your site, check whether they are up-to-date. If you haven't done it before, you can create a Privacy and Cookie Policy with codes to be entered for free.

You can always find up-to-date codes in pagina Privacy e Cookie Policy, within the Accessory section in the Altervista control panel.

Do I have to insert code on each site page?

Yes, you do. Each page that contains an ad code must also contain a Iubenda code. If the Iubenda code is not available on the page, banner ads will not be displayed.

What is a CMP?

CMP stands for Consent Management Platform, namely: “platform to help managing consent”. The GDPR legislation requires that during web browsing users are adequately informed on the processing of their personal data e that they must provide a valid consent to it.

A CMP takes care of informing visitors and letting them give or personalize consent to the processing of their personal data.

Is Iubenda free?

The Privacy and Cookie Policy that you create on the Altervista control panel in collaboration with Iubenda is totally free and unlimited. You will not be required either to subscribe to any membership, nor to make any payment.

I don’t want to use Iubenda, can I continue to earn money with advertising?

Yes, you can. Altervista doesn't require the use of a specific CMP, you can use any CMP TCFv2.

What will change on the 5th of October?

From Monday 5th of October Altervista will provide ads to visitors only if on the page the consent is acquired by a CMP TCFv2. If the page does not contain any correctly configured code of Iubenda (or of any other CMP TCFv2), ads will not be displayed.

This procedure is necessary to fully respect the European and Italian Privacy Directive (GDPR). De facto the so-called prior blocking of third-party tracking cookies will be applied.